Wedgewood Policies

Wedgewood  asks that you please not bring food or drinks onto the premises. We have a fine menu and serve your favorite beverages in our 19th hole grills.

We require proper golf attire. This includes shirts with collars (exceptions are made for collarless golf shirts), and non tattered pants. We can get you into appropriate golf clothing at an affordable price in the golf shop.

One of the most frequent complaints we hear about in the golf business is SLOW PLAY!  We put extra emphasis on this matter.  We ask that EVERYONE be considerate of others on our courses and cannot tolerate abuse of this policy.  WE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO INSURE THAT PLAY IS MOVING AT THE PROPER PACE!  THANK YOU FOR HELPING US WITH THIS MATTER!

These policies are meant to further enhance the golfing experience of all Wedgewood customers and at the same time help us to maintain our facility